Our Vision:

“The Florida Montessori Center in an Institution that is a beacon of meaningful changes in the prevailing education system, through suitable, specialized training methods directed towards the improvement of the world community.”

Our Mission:

  • To propagate the Montessori method in its true and authentic form to all parts of the community in India and abroad.
  • To create an awareness of all practical aspects of the Montessori method and its application in mainstream schooling.
  • To create experts in early childhood education who specialize in the teaching of the Montessori method to children of all age groups.
  • To empower individuals with the spirit of Montessori philosophy and principles in order to foster an education focused on and around the “CHILD”.

What we can do for you

Florida Montessori Centre specializes in training individuals, aspiring to be experts in Early Childhood Education.

Our training is based on prevailing best practices in the US and other advanced education markets in the world and is focused on the authentic traditions of the Montessori Methods. It is not diluted with any other form of training.

Our USP is small batch size (not more than 20 students) and individualized attention given to each student during class.


Our association with our US Principals, “The Florida International Montessori Alliance” and the privilege of having their Authentications on our certificates, gives our students access to international certification and eligibility to practice this program across the globe. Our courses are priced reasonably and our easy payment options allow students to phase their payments according to their comfort levels.

Newly Launched Online Montessori Teacher Training Program

Florida Montessori Center is proud to present the Montessori Teacher Training Center in Bangalore. The training idea has recently been launched to enrich the ability of those who have their own plans of becoming early childhood teaching professionals. We always want our online learners, probably teachers, to experience a better access to the outer world knowledge regarding Montessori. Childhood teaching professionals in our Montessori center is ever ready to help those students and trainee in need.

Contact us to get some more information on Montessori Teacher Training Center by our Childhood Teaching Professionals.