Why partner with us

As a part of the F.M.C family, our franchisees will gain:

Brand recognition & relevant trademarks: Opening a franchise under FMC’s name ensures the fact that one would be doing business under a recognized brand name in the industry, eliminating the need to create brand awareness. The Brand name facilitates communication with prospective clients whether schools or individuals.

An Established Market Presence: An established market presence is crucial if one wants to make profit from year one.  Having FMC’s franchise which is a market leader in its own right would essentially benefit one as the business would be synonymous with certain standards.

Knowledge:By associating with FMC one gets access to the exhaustive research FMC has worked on over the years. This research itself takes immense resources.  Along with this the franchise would get access to course materials, manuals and tools for analysis and receive an ongoing Product design & development support serving the need of customers.


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