The Florida Montessori Center is proud to present an online training course for students looking to become Early Childhood teaching professionals. The online course is designed keeping in mind the standards set by FIMA and all requirements of practice oriented training. Our online students will have access to a world of knowledge about Montessori and our very own training videos that enhance the E Learning experience. Contact us for more information!

Montessori trained educators are in critical demand not just in the India, but all over the world. Due to a recent wave of parents’ increased concern with the education of their children, competition among private schools and a series of researches proving Montessori children to be performing better, have soared up the demand for this system and individuals trained in it.

There are just a few Montessori training institutes India,fewer are the ones who genuinely train people in Montessori and whose diplomas are recognized. They are confined to big cities only and majority of the population interested in becoming Montessori educators does
not have access to them or cannot afford them because of the expensive nature of these training centers or other hindrances. Thus, Montessori distance education is the need of the hour.

Our IAO accredited online training program don’t just allow you freedom, flexibility, convenience, cost effectiveness, time saving and better learning but also leads you to a recognized diploma on successful completion.

  • Our Montessori Course online gives students the flexibility to study at their own pace, in the comfort of
    their home and at affordable fees
  • It is highly economical to take up the online program as students would save the money that is required
    for travelling to and fro for attending regular lectures.
  • This Online Montessori Teacher Training is perfect for college-going candidates and individuals who
    want to pursue their further education and also take care of family and job responsibilities.
  • The Montessori Teacher Training Course has been especially designed, keeping in mind the needs of
    online students. Our expert faculty members have ensured that the course contents are well-organized and
    the language of the study materials is simple and lucid so that the study materials become self-explanatory.
  • Though this is a Montessori Teacher Training Online Course, its quality has not been compromised

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