Florida Montessori Center is the by-product of professionals from the United Kingdom and the United States to provide high quality trained professionals in Bangalore. Teacher Workshops have been our major priority to develop the skills of both teachers and the kids whom they would be supervising. Along with these new ideas like workshop for teachers and online training center, we are sure that we will meet our basic objective, i.e. all round development of your kids.

Even with all these extra efforts to make our institute better we still are one of the most affordable Montessori Center in Bangalore. The effort, we have been implying to develop the prevailing knowledge in the Childhood teaching professionals, has really been praise-worthy. Moreover, this course offered by us with the support of FIMA is not just for teaching professionals. Even the parents can join us in these very useful courses, so that they can see us and our efforts to brush up their kids’ skills and knowledge.


What Do We Focus On Our Workshops

  • Early Intervention and Montessori
  • Montessori Environments and Visual Thinking
  • Teamwork within Teachers to Enhance Instructions
  • Collaborative Child-Study
  • Building and Sustaining Effective Partnerships with Parents